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Automate Onboarding

Make new team members feel welcome

Your team lives and breaths Slack. It's where you come together, get things done, and learn about one another. Why not have your new employees get engaged day 1? Make Slack the simple one-stop-shop for all new employee onboarding.

Provide context, boost productivity

Bringing on a new employee is a significant investment. Help those new hires understand their role, the company, and your processes better by giving them the tools they need to get productive quickly.

Plan, design, and automate the experience

Give new employees a consistent experience to ensure cohesion and guarantee no step is missed. Measure progress - and, more importantly, new employee satisfaction.


10 users or so
  • Unlimited templates
  • Web and Slack access for your whole team
  • 5 onboards per year
$5 / month
Made for Slack teams of 100 or so
  • Unlimited organizers
  • Onboarding Analytics
  • Advanced onboarding features
  • 30 onboards per year
$19 / month
For teams with 500 users or more
  • Unlimited onboards per year
  • Enterprise systems integration
  • Advanced administrative capabilities
  • Priority support
$76 / month

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With Onboarding Buddy, you can start from a simple template and iterate on it every time you have a new employee join to ensure that your next onboarding is your company's best.

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